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Endless Guild Charter

What we are about:

First and foremost, The Endless is about having fun. While we do encourage excellence and team achievements, it should not be at the cost of enjoyment or the cause of unnecessary stress. We understand that all our members have lives and families to consider and we shall never let those be side tracked for the sake of the Guild.

For those who join us and for those who are already with us, know that Endless is a family and shall be run like a family. We prosper and suffer as one and respect and loyalty are of great importance. Never be afraid to talk to guild members about what’s on your mind or to ask for aid (albeit nicely), help will be offered as long as it can be spared. Make friends, improve your characters, raid and enjoy every moment of it… that is what Endless is all about.

What we are looking for:

New Members: We are currently actively recruiting as many members as possible. We prefer mature and active people above level 60, . We may have a saturation of certain classes from time to time in which case recruitment for that specific class would be closed, we apologize for that.

Endless Guild Rules

We at Endless are generally relaxed and open people. As long as people keep it reasonable, we won’t have anything against it. However, for the sake of keeping at least a basic sense of professionalism, there are a set amount of rules we expect everyone to respect no matter the rank.

General Code of Conduct:

- Be respectful to people, guildees and non-guildees. We expect all members to maintain the good name of the guild at all times.

- Listen to your GM/Officers. They are usually appointed because they are capable and experienced leaders. However this does not mean they are always right. All members are encouraged to provide feedback or disagreements on decisions made by the leaders, as long as it is delivered in a courteous manner. Like we said before, we are very open and relaxed people and will take everything into consideration.

- Although guild chat is usually free for all topic wise, we ask members and officers as well to be considerate about the wide range of people we have in the guild. If a member is truly uncomfortable with what’s being said in guild chat please speak up and we’ll try our best to moderate. However this does not mean you shouldn’t enjoy yourself in guild chat; in fact most of the Officers are usually the ones acting like clowns on guild chat anyways.

- When an event calls for it, dedicated channels or TS/Vent servers will be created. In this case, we expect all members participating in those channels to stay on topic and act as serious as possible.

- Respect the EULA. Obviously, anything that goes against the EULA is not condoned by the guild.

Required add-ons:
-these add-ons are the minmum we require for raiding, you can have others, or as many as your PC can stand, but if you dont have these ,  you will not get invited to raids
 -Vent- you must have this installed, as none of our raid leaders are typists, and in certain timed instances we dont have time to type raid instructions. a mic is not required, but you need to be able to hear us
-KTM threat meter- this will prevent you from pulling aggro off the tank, and getting yourself killed or causeing a wipe
-GEM - guild event manager, this will allow you to see a calender of scheduled events (instance runs and raids) and sign up for them , in game 

Guild Economy:

- Note that Endless is NOT a free meal ticket for a mount or a quick way up to level 70. We are always warm to new members, but we also expect a certain level of independence, patience and generosity in our people.

- NEVER try and sell something to a guildee. Everything within the Endless is on a donation basis. Either donate the item to the guild bank (mystaeria) or to a guildee directly. If you are looking to sell an item for gold, do it at the auction house or spam it in IF. The only exception to this rule is when there is an epic item involved, in which case the member is allowed to sell it to a guildee for a reasonable price (or donate it for free, but it is not an obligation).

- We discourage the “loan” of gold between members unless they are extremely familiar with each other. Please do not beg/pester/spam for gold loans on guild chat or whispers. While Endless does have a gold reserve, it is NOT used to buy mounts for our members. Being greedy will get you no where and you will soon find it is also not tolerated by the Officers.

- The Endless Bank is mystaeria (an alt of one of the high counsil members) and all items within the bank are collected due to the generosity of guild members. While members are in no way obligated to donate to the bank it is of course much appreciated. Items from the bank will be distributed to our members depending on their need. Members can request an item in the forum or in-game by linking their current equipment. Who gets what is decided by the GM and key Officers. From time to time, Officers will link available items in guild chat for whoever is interested so keep an eye out for such events.

- Beyond items, the guild bank also includes large amounts of profession materials. In the case of enchanting materials, please understand that we will not waste extremely rare/expensive enchants for anyone or anything. If you do want an expensive enchant done (ie. Crusader, Lifesteal, etc), please link the item you want enchanted and the lead guild enchanters will discuss it. Lesser enchants on the other hand will be freely distributed depending on availability and need. The same general principle goes for every other profession.

Instance Runs:

- Please understand that Officers and high levels are not obligated to take other lower levels on instance runs. They will donate their time IF they are willing. Pestering high levels for help will not be tolerated. However, be assured that we are generally helpful and as long as we can help it will be offered. Note that we encourage our guildees to run instances with people of the appropriate level in order to develop a better familiarity with their class as well as their own sense of leadership and teamwork.

- On Guild runs, loot rules will be stated before a run. It is important that these rules be respected. If there is anything that seems unclear or vague, please ask for clarification instead of assuming things for yourself. Ninja-ing in Guild Runs is a very serious offence and can lead to immediate ban.

- On none guild runs, please pay close attention to your group’s loot rules and stick with it. As mentioned earlier, we expect all members to withhold the Guild’s reputation everywhere in the server. Don’t ninja and don’t grief other people. Officers will be monitoring realm forums and if it is discovered that one of our members has been reckless or dishonest, appropriate measures will be taken.

Disciplinary Measures:

If any of the above rules are broken, appropriate measures will be taken by one of the Officers. Most of our Officers are very active and know each other very well, so nothing really gets pass us. Here is the breakdown of how things are handled:

Ninja-ing (Reported by someone else): If someone informs one of the Officers of a case of ninja/misconduct by one of our members, the latter will be put on probation (granted that the report comes from a respectable source). Once on probation, the member must go one month without any further incident or go on 3 guild runs and prove that he/she has learned from his/her fault. If a member fails the probation, he/she will be removed from the guild. Ninja reports against a member are taken into record. If such reports happen too frequently (and even if that member succeeded his probations), he/she may still be banned from guild.

Ninja (Guild Runs): If a ninja happens in a Guild Run and is proved to not be caused by a misunderstanding, Officers will discuss amongst themselves on the appropriate measures. Depending on the situation, anything from a warning to a ban can occur.

Misconduct: Misconduct by a member will lead to a demotion. How and when that happens will be up to the disciplinary Officers present/involved. Grave misconduct will lead to a ban.

Selling to Guildee: If a member attempts to sell to a guildee or on guild chat, he/she will be given a warning. A second attempt will lead to a demotion. A third attempt will be an automatic ban.

Final Note:

These rules are there in order to assure the smooth operation of the guild and act as a general guideline for our members and Officers. They may seem a bit intimidating at first, but be assured that they are rarely needed and the guild in general is extremely relaxed and fun. The GM and most of the Officers are very friendly so do not be shy to socialize with them. Last but not least “Have Fun.”
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